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Chrissy Angliker’s process lies in cultivating a balance between control and chaos during her regular interactions with paint. Her meticulous process regularly spills beyond the canvas into her studio environment in Brooklyn, and took on unexpected new contours during a residency in Zurich, Switzerland. This book depicts the rhythms of her process and the paintings that result from it, with a focus on work created between 2014 and 2016.

Olivier Neidhart approached Chrissy in 2015 offering her the opportunity to create a book about her art with Neidhart & Schoen AG in Zurich.  What emerged out of this invitation is a book that speaks in words, and most dominantly through images about the context in which Chrissy’s paintings are birthed. The surroundings, painting process and the medium of paint are given equal reverence to the finished paintings depicted in the book. With this book Chrissy saw a rare opportunity to invite people into her world, revealing to  them what lies beyond her finished paintings.

At the beginning of the book there is a written introduction where she breaks down PAINT/ING/S into the individual relationships she has with each; Paint, the Painting process, and the resulting Paintings.

PAINT/ You learn from that which you do not know.

PAINTING/ The act of painting is an innocent rebellion.

PAINTINGS/ A painting is an object that captures a brush with the muse.

It’s not a claim of knowing.  A painting is finished when it feels like I feel.  

Following the introduction is a visual representation of  Chrissy’s studio life, documented through the lenses of talented photographers Ebru Yeldiz and Michael O’shea at her Brooklyn studio, as well as Nikkol Rot and Stefan Schaufelberger at her SOLLBRUCHSTELLE residency  in Zurich in 2015. Black and White photography beautifully capture the atmosphere of the spaces, as radiant color shots of textural details and finished paintings let the viewers focus in on the color precisely when the artist wants you to. This book is not a typical catalog of chronological finished works, but more an invitation to witness a body of paintings in full context, before they enter the outside world.



Edition of 500 Books.

144 Pages. 22cm x 22 cm.

English with German
translation booklet insert. 

Screen-printed and embossed
cover with exposed binding.

Chrissy Angliker

Chrissy Angliker with Lisa Spagnoletti,
Neidhart + Schön AG, Zurich

Neidhart + Schön AG, Zurich

ISBN 978-3-9520457-8-7

Printed in Switzerland 

Ebru Yildiz  www.ebruyidiz.net
Michael O’Shea www.michaeloshea.com
Nikkol Rot www.nikkolrot.com
Stefan Schaufelberger www.stefan-schaufelberger.com

Kevin Greenberg is the Assistant Editor of PIN-UP Magazine and the Art Editor of The Last Magazine. He is a practicing architect and the founding principal of Space Exploration, a design studio in New York. www.spaceexplorationdesign.com

About the Artist
Chrissy Angliker is a Brooklyn-based Swiss/American artist who regularly shows in both her native and adopted countries. She was born in Zurich and raised in Greifensee and Winterthur. Chrissy’s artistic inclinations emerged at an early age. Beginning in 1996 she was fortunate to study with the Russian artist Juri Borodatchev, who became her artistic mentor for several years. In 1999 at age 16, Chrissy moved to the US to study Fine Art at the Walnut Hill School in Natick, Mass. In 2002, Chrissy had her first solo show at Gallery Juri in Winterthur, Switzerland. Seeking to broaden her means of expression, she then pursued a degree in Industrial Design at the Pratt Institute in New York. After spending her post-graduate years working in the design field, Chrissy shifted her creative expression back to painting in 2008. Her art is focused on visually translating her perception of herself in relationship to the world. Chrissy’s work has been shown in Europe and the US, and has been featured in several international publications. She has been commissioned to collaborate with several companies, among them AOL, Burton and Wired Magazine. Her most recent solo show, “Bodies of Water,” was held at the Swiss Consulate in New York.